Fetus-X: The Comic that brings you Romance and Horror All in One

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Being hailed as the Best Webcomics of 2004, Fetus-X had gained this award although protest were made and even banned this extraordinary thing to be known by readers. Fetus-X is drawn and written by American cartoonist and the award-winning man, Eric Millikin, who have previously worked as a dissectionist and as an embalmer. Millikin have been good in crafting with this out-of-this-world idea to combine romance with extra-terrestrial objects and even ghost into real world. The childhood memories of the creator himself may have been the starting point of his career. When he was just one-and-a-half, he has started sketching horror comics depicting ghost to terrify him while on toilet-training.

Fetus-X is a controversial romantic horror comic that had been published in books and newspaper in the late 1999. The story is created and drawn with unearthed objects combine with expressionist paintings. Casey Sorrow is the artist to first draw the amazing characters in the comics but had left to create a new comic of her own. The story spins around with the writer’s use of occult equally in battles with different demons, monsters, aliens and ghosts and romantic relationship. The comic was brilliantly presented in newspaper strip, making easier to be read by many.

The comic was first published in a college newspaper in the year 2000. Due to its censorship, it was threatened to be cancelled and be published because of some league protest. In spite of many have supported for it, after a couple of months, the comic strip was still cancelled. But it was still published on some of the college newspaper, alternative newspaper and even on web. In 2002, the comic was now part of a webcomics site by which other comics was being published and can be read free online. It was in 2005 when this was already a free comic on the site. After a few months that the site was gone because of some server problem, in October, the Fetus-X was still among the relaunched site and was edited still by the creator, Eric Millikin.

Fetus-X the plot and the characters…

The creator himself was still part of the plot. Eric Millikin involved himself in events such as being devoured by a dinosaur, exterminated by vampire hunters and even replacing a zombie’s arm to his cut-off arm. The stories in this comic where all about bringing back to life Alicia, Millikin’s cheerleader girlfriend- fork throwing poltergeist who was already dead.

The main characters include a kitten, mummy, and a floating fetus. Fetus-X was a floating zombie fetus who went with him. This fetus was inside a jar of formaldehyde. Together with a previous grave robber, Anal Ho Tep is a revived Egyptian mummy who gets pleasure from anal sex. And Patches, the creator’s kitten has a tail that is a tentacle and was built from stapling together its body parts.

El Chupacabra was one of the antagonists in the story. The character has a mask that covers its face. It is an extra-terrestrial goat-sucker and professional Mexican Wrestler. Originally this character has obliged Anal Ho Tep to become a slave to help build pyramids. But in modern times, a color-coded Chupacabra alert system is maintain and is rise to metallic magenta by the U.S. government.

Other characters includes; Bunny (a rabbit that was being researched and tested), Areola (mermaid), Satana (devil girl), John McCain and former U.S. President George W. Bush. This comic is really controversial as the son of God; Jesus was also one of the characters.

There also reviews being done in terms of this comic. Some have written and praised the author about the different way of presenting his comic. It uses the newspaper format for a more daring and entertainingly perverse work that is perfectly at home at a great college paper or alternative weekly paper. The visual style also has overlapped the other author’s unique presentation of his comic. Another reviewer has said that the comic was one of the sharpest political commentaries available. It was in an era where fatherland’s foreign policies is socially not accepted and are being questioned by many. This was also the time that presidents was hailed and regarded as a messiah. The author was also praised to have stood against all the happenings.

There are some who have found the comic to be enjoyable, well not the religious group. Millikin’s comic has been the point of controversy and protest of the religious group. According to them, it is offensive to Catholic and Christians. It was also called as a blasphemous treatment to Jesus, as having the son of God to be one of the characters. Other advocate has called the creator to be a borderline sociopath. So sad it may seem for the part of the creator, still it paved way for it to be known by many.

Aside from that Fetus-X was awarded to the best webcomics in the year 2004; it was also nominated to three prestigious awards in a particular choice award. But it was later on disqualified to receive the award. It was said that the comic had not meet the defined genre criteria for the said award. It was not yet the time to have Fetus-X to be out in the list. It was in 2007 that it was still nominated to receive again an outstanding award under the romantic comic category. It was not disqualified in the romance category but was used along with the other ones in the category to be the comics to use in the web. It was branded as one of the comics to “create an explosion of diverse genres and style in the web”.

It may be a ridiculous thing for other people yet for some, who have read and enjoyed it, find it extraordinary.